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Mensaje por Shanty el Miér 20 Mayo 2009 - 12:06

Ayreon: Discografía

Ayreon es una banda de rock/metal progresivo, formada en 1994 por el multi-instrumentista y compositor holandés Arjen Lucassen, y varios artistas invitados para cada álbum.

The Final Experiment (1995)

CD1: A-TFE-CD1.rar

The Awareness
Eyes Of Time
The Banishment
Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
Sail Away To Avalon
Nature's Dance
Computer-Reign (Game Over)
Listen To The Waves
Magic Ride
Merlin's Will
The Charm Of The Seer
Swan Song
Ayreon's Fate

256 kb/s

132 MB

CD2 (salió después con versiones distintas): A-TFE-CD2.rar

"Eyes of Time"
"The Accusation"
"Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy"
"Sail Away to Avalon"
"Nature's Dance"
"Merlin's Will"
"The Charm of the Seer"

256 kb/s

70 MB

Actual Fantasy (1996)

1. "Actual Fantasy"
2. "Abbey of Synn"
3. "The Stranger From Within"
4. "Computer Eyes"
5. "Beyond the Last Horizon"
6. "Farside of the World"
7. "Back On Planet Earth"
8. "Forevermore"
9. "The Dawn Of Man
10. "The Stranger From Within A-AF.rar

256 kb/s

120 MB

Into the Electric Castle (1998)

CD1: A-ITEC-CD1.rar

"Welcome to the New Dimension"
"Isis and Osiris"
"Amazing Flight"
"Time Beyond Time"
"The Decision Tree (We're Alive)"
"Tunnel of Light"
"Across the Rainbow Bridge"

256 kb/s
87'3 MB

CD2: A-ITEC-CD2.rar

"The Garden of Emotions "
"Valley of the Queens" Lucassen 2:25
"The Castle Hall"
"Tower of Hope"
"Cosmic Fusion"
"The Mirror Maze"
"Evil Devolution" 6:31
"The Two Gates" 6:28
"Forever of the Stars" 2:02
"Another Time, Another Space"

256 kb/s

105 MB

Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer (2000)

1. "The Dream Sequencer"
2. "My House on Mars"
3. "2084"
4. "One Small Step"
5. "The Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq"
6. "Dragon on the Sea"
7. "Temple of the Cat"
8. "Carried by the Wind"
9. "And the Druids Turn to Stone"
10. "The First Man On Earth"
11. "The Dream Sequencer (Reprise)" A-TUMP1-TDS.rar

256 kb/s

129 MB

Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator (2000)

"Dawn of a Million Souls"
"Journey on the Waves of Time"
"To the Quasar"
"Into the Black Hole"
"Through the Wormhole"
"Out of the White Hole"
"To the Solar System"
"The New Migrator" A-TUMP2-FOTM.rar

256 kb/s

120 MB

Ayreonauts Only (2000)

"Into the Black Hole"
"Out of the White Hole"
"Through the Wormhole"
"Carpe Diem (Chaos)"
"Temple of the Cat"
"Original Hippie's Amazing Trip"
"Beyond the Last Horizon"
"The Charm of the Seer"
"Eyes of Time"
"Nature's Dance"
Ambeon: "Cold Metal" A-AO.rar

256 kb/s

115 MB

The Human Equation (2004)

CD1: A-THE-CD1.rar

1. "Day One: Vigil"
2. "Day Two: Isolation"
3. "Day Three: Pain"
4. "Day Four: Mystery"
5. "Day Five: Voices"
6. "Day Six: Childhood"
7. "Day Seven: Hope"
8. "Day Eight: School"
9. "Day Nine: Playground"
10. "Day Ten: Memories"
11. "Day Eleven: Love"

256 kb/s

94'4 MB

CD2: A-THE-CD2.rar

1. "Day Twelve: Trauma"
2. "Day Thirteen: Sign"
3. "Day Fourteen: Pride"
4. "Day Fifteen: Betrayal"
5. "Day Sixteen: Loser"
6. "Day Seventeen: Accident?"
7. "Day Eighteen: Realization"
8. "Day Nineteen: Disclosure"
9. "Day Twenty: Confrontation "

256 kb/s


01011001 (2008)

CD1 - Y: A-0-CD1.rar

1. "Age of Shadows"
2. "Comatose"
3. "Liquid Eternity"
4. "Connect the Dots"
5. "Beneath the Waves"
6. "Newborn Race"
7. "Ride the Comet"
8. "Web of Lies"

los kb/s varían

73'1 MB

CD2 - Earth: A-0-CD2.rar

1. "The Fifth Extinction"
2. "Waking Dreams"
3. "The Truth Is In Here"
4. "Unnatural Selection"
5. "River of Time"
6. "E=MC2"
7. "The Sixth Extinction"

los kb/s varían

77'7 MB


Lista de artistas invitados:


Andi Deris (Helloween)
Anneke van Giersbergen (ex the gathering)
Astrid van der Veen (The Endorphins)
Axel Joseph Langemeijer (ex Bodine)
Barry Hay (Golden Earring)
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
Damian Wilson (ex Rick Wakeman, Threshold (UK), Landmarq)
Dan Swanö (Nightingale, Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath (Swe))
Dave Brock (Hawkwind)
Debby Schreuder
Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad)
Devon Graves (Dead Soul Tribe)
Edward Reekers (ex Kayak)
Edwin Balogh (ex Omega)
Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine)
Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire)
Fish (Fish, ex Marillion)
Floor Jansen (After Forever)
Gary Hughes (Ten)
George Oosthoek (Orphanage)
Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian)
Heather Findlay (Mostly Autumn)
Ian Parry (Elegy)
Irene Jansen
Jacqueline Govaert (Krezip)
James LaBrie (Dream Theater)
Jan-Chris de Koeijer (ex Gorefest)
Jay van Feggelen (ex Bodine)
Johan Edlund (Tiamat, Lucyfire)
Jorn Lande
Lana Lane
Lenny Wolf (Kingdom Come)
Leon Goewie (Vengeance (Hol))
Lucie Hillen
Magnus Ekwall (The Quill)
Marcela Bovio (ex Hydra, Elfonía, Stream of Passion)
Mark McCrite (Rocket Scientists)
Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth, ex Bloodbath (Swe))
Mike Baker (Shadow Gallery)
Mirjam van Doorn
Mouse (Tuesday Child)
Neal Morse (ex Spock's Beard)
Okkie Huysdens
Peter Daltrey (ex Kaleidoscope)
Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear))
Robert Soeterboek (Wicked Sensation)
Robert Westerholt (Within Temptation)
Russell Allen (Symphony X)
Ruud Houweling (Cloudmachine)
Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation)
Simone Simons (Epica)
Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius)
Tom Englund (Evergrey)


Lori Linstruth ((ex-Stream of Passion))
Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery)
Jan Somers (Vengeance (Hol))
Michael Romeo (Symphony X)
Oscar Holleman (ex Vengeance (Hol))
Peer Verschuren (ex Vengeance (Hol))
Rheno Xeros (ex Bodine)
Ruud Houweling (Cloudmachine)
Fernando Lazo (Saurus)


Armand van der Hoff (ex Bodine)
Jan Bijlsma (ex Vengeance (Hol))
Jolanda Verduijn
Peter Vink (ex Finch)
Rheno Xeros (ex Bodine)
Walter Latupeirissa (Snowy White)


Barry Hay (Golden Earring)
Ewa Albering (ex Quidam)
Jeroen Goossens
John McManus (Celtus)
Thijs van Leer (Focus)


Jeroen Goossens

Teclado / Clave / Piano / Sintetizadores / Órgano Hammond

Cleem Determeijer (ex Finch)
Clive Nolan (Arena)
Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery)
Jens Johansson (Stratovarius)
Joost van den Broek (After Forever)
Keiko Kumagai (Ars Nova)
Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep)
Martin Orford (IQ, Jadis)
Oliver Wakeman
René Merkelbach
Robby Valentine (Valentine)
Roland Bakker (ex Vengeance (Hol))
Ton Scherpenzeel (Kayak)


Jack Pisters


Dewi Kerstens
Marieke van der Heyden
Taco Kooistra


Ed Warby (ex (Gorefest)
Ernst van Ee (Trenody)
Gerard Haitsma (ex Bodine)
John Snels (ex Vengeance (Hol))
Matt Oligschlager (ex Vengeance (Hol))
Rob Snijders (ex Celestial Season)
Stephen van Haestregt
Alexander Manyakin (ex Aria)


Ernö Olah (Metropole Orchestra)
Pat McManus (Celtus)
Robert Baba

Cantidad de envíos : 231
Fecha de inscripción : 06/05/2009
Edad : 51
Localización : Búscame, estoy perdido.

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